Microbial Septic Additive with Enzymes (1-year supply canister)

Microbial Septic Additive with Enzymes (1-year supply canister)

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Industrial Odor Control’s Microbial Septic Additive with Enzymes aids in the natural digestive process of organic material in your septic system. The process that happens in your septic tank is the same process waste goes through at waste-water processing plants around the world.

Some septic additives contain just bacteria, but with the addition of enzymes, the digestive process is given a kick-start by speeding up the process by which water combines with a substance. It then breaks it down into tiny fragments that the bacteria then consume.

Since enzymes are specifically targeted, our formula contains multiple enzymes, including amylase (for the digestion of starches from food products), protease (for digesting proteins from meat), cellulose (for digesting the cellulose found in toilet paper), pectinase (for digesting the pectin found in vegetables and fruits), and lipase (which digests fats). Enzymes are in a class called catalysts. They are substances that will manipulate the speed or rate of the chemical reaction without altering the substance itself.

There are several strains of bacteria in our septic additive, they belong to the family bacillus. Our bacteria are nonpathogenic and powerful waste digesters that can be found in waste-water applications.

The Industrial Odor Control septic additive bacteria consume organic matter that the bacteria then turn into CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and H20 (Water). The bacteria in our product can live with or without air, making it the perfect solution for applications both rich in, and devoid of oxygen.

This product can also be purchased in a box with twelve individually packed doses.