BS-921 Restaurant Grease Trap Maintenance Blocks

BS-921 Restaurant Grease Trap Maintenance Blocks

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Our BS-921 restaurant grease trap maintenance blocks minimize hydrogen sulfide and build up of sludge, thereby reducing odors, fecal matter, and grease compounds. It dissolves gradually over 30 to 45 days (dependent upon flow rate) allowing for continuous waste treatment.

Our restaurant grease trap maintenance blocks are an improved biological product, specifically formulated and packaged for use in restaurants where the water temperatures are

To assure optimal performance of these organisms, under the toughest conditions, they are produced and blended together with high potency nutrients and stimulants.

They also contains specialty penetrants and surfactants which loosen and digest heavy grease deposits, thereby assisting in their biodegradation.

Our is packaged specially to maximize performance in restaurant applications.

Directions for Use
1. Remove the blocks from the carton.
2. Suspend with rope into area to be treated.
3. Replace BS-921 as needed with new product.

Do not ingest or take internally. Avoid skin contact. Wear protective gloves and wash thoroughly after handling.

Store in cool, dry place. Avoid contact with strong acids.

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