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Simple Solutions Distributing (dba Industrial Odor Control) specializes in odor removal of sewer gas emanating from plumbing vent stacks on residential, commercial and municipal wastewater systems. Our Wolverine line of activated carbon filters can remove hydrogen sulfide from airstreams from 3 to 700 CFM. We are odor control experts, and our happy customers include home-owners, municipalities, and corporations around the world.

Our vent filters utilize a patented perforated disc containment system. Other filter manufacturers use mesh bags to hold the activated carbon. Putting the carbon in a mesh bag increases the pressure drop through the filter. It also increases the chances of restricting the plumbing vent. This can result in gasses passing through the traps in your sinks and tubs, causing odors inside the home and also possible draining problems. Since the mesh bag is in constant contact with moisture, it has the additional problem of freezing in the winter, clogging your vent and contributing to “carbon caking” when used in combination with pelletized carbon. This is due to the mesh bag keeping more moisture in the carbon bed than would be there without it.

If you are located in a cold climate, we offer the Wolverine inline septic vent filter. This allows you to put the filter "in-line" of current plumbing. Usually these filters are placed in the attic where they are not susceptible to freezing or caking.

Our filters are constructed of ABS and PVC. If you are trying to put this on a metal or cast-iron pipe, you will need to order our clamp-on connection type. This will provide you with a UV-resistant rubber and stainless steel coupling that will easily attach your vent filter to your sewer vent pipe.

Our residential filters (models HD, LRF, and WVI) contain 2 lbs of carbon, twice the amount of our competitor's filters. Our slip-on models need no tools or glue to install; it just slips right on the plumbing roof vent.

The Wolverine Septic Pipe Vent Filters are designed for passive or ambient air flow and should not be used where blowers or fans push or force air. If you are looking for an odor control unit for an active vent stream, consider our PCB-90 Pollution Control Barrel.

We offer seamless international shipping with eBay.com and Amazon.com on select products. You can find our items eligible for export in the "Available Internationally" category under the Product menu. A link to the product on eBay and Amazon can be found on the product page.

Our residential septic system filters come with a 120-Day, money back guarantee. This covers model numbers WC, HD, LRF and WVI 4".

Dealing with septic and sewer odor? If you have standard plumbing vent stacks, odor can sometimes be a problem depending upon your home and property topographics.

Rooftop plumbing vents allow wastewater to flow through the drain pipes, but it can be a problem if the wind currents that are meant to lift the vent gases up and away are moving in the wrong direction. They bring the sewer gas down to ground level — leaving you with bad odor.

We have seen this odor problem in commercial, residential and municipal wastewater systems. This can be worse if you are situated in a hilly area or up against a line of trees.

Our solution: activated carbon vent filters.

At Industrial Odor Control, we specialize in removing offensive odors with simple but powerful carbon vent filters

Our activated charcoal vent filters work to eliminate hydrogen sulphide as it is released from airstreams and vents. We have units that measure from 3  to 2,700 cubic feet per minute. In addition to capturing hydrogen sulfide, they also remove diamines, ammonia, terpenes, and other organic sulfides from the air so you and your family or workers can breathe easy.

Say goodbye to sewage smells and get your Wolverine Brand Industrial Odor Control solution today.

Why Industrial Odor Control filters stand out

Our sewer vent filters are equipped with a patented perforated disc containment system. 

We avoid mesh bags in our sewer vents in favor of a patented perforated disc containment system, which helps to reduce the pressure drop and can reduce the risk of freezing. It also lowers the chances of restricting the plumbing vent so you can avoid encountering unpleasant odors. 

You can choose one of our off-the-shelf filters, or we can customize a filter to meet your exact specifications. Either way, you are guaranteed to get value for your money with our smartly designed filters.

For example, our new residential filter contains 1lb of carbon, and they’re affordably priced — making this the most cost-effective option on the market.

Industrial Odor Control also has the only filters on the market with a built-in end-of-service-life indicator. Our filters that are constructed of schedule 40 pvc (models HD, LRF, WVI, and SWV) now come with the indicator built in.

Install industrial odor control residential filter on the roof, the yard or in the attic — your choice

You do not need tools or glue to install our septic vent filters. They just slip right on to the roof vent, saving you the cost of expensive sizing and installation bills!

In cold climates, the sewer vent filters can freeze if the temperature drops too low. For those who live in snowy locals, we offer the Wolverine Inline Septic Vent Filter. This charcoal vent filter goes "in-line" with current plumbing. Usually, these vent filters are placed in the attic to stop the filter from freezing during cold winters. 

Heads up: The Wolverine Septic and Sewer Vent Filters are designed for passive air flow and should not be used anywhere blowers or fans push the air. If you’re looking for an Industrial Odor Control unit for an active vent, explore our other options – like the PCB-90 Pollution Control Barrel.

We have a filter for every vent

Whether you need to prevent odors in your backyard, manhole or lift/pump station, Industrial Odor Control has a hardworking filter for you.

To get rid of odors today, contact us or give us a call on 973-846-7817. We are happy to discuss your specific situation and help you find the right vent filter for your needs.