About Us

Simple Solutions Distributing LLC is a registered small business founded in 2003 and located in the state of North Carolina. We do business under the domain name IndustrialOdorControl.com. Our focus includes residential and municipal wastewater/landfill odor control caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas emissions from things like lift station odor, septic tank odor and landfill odor. We also manufacture a line of recirculating molecular air scrubbers that can be used when external venting is either not practical or not desireable. Our Emergency Air Abatement HEPA Filter was a development born out of the COVID-19 pandemic when hospitals needed more negative pressure rooms and supplies had run low. Our Emergency Air Abatement HEPA Filter has a 1000 CFM fan that pulls air through a BioMAX High capacity HEPA Filter.

Our odor scrubbers, or air scrubbers range in flow rates from 0 to 800 CFM with larger air scrubber systems available as special order. As a full-service odor control supplier to the wastewater industry, we also carry a line of passive/low-flow vent air scrubbers under the Wolverine Brand Activated Carbon FiltersTM brand. IndustrialOdorControl.com also carries manhole filters and inflow protectors.

A fast-growing demographic for our products is the solid waste industry, more specifically landfill vent odor/gas emissions control. Global warming has become a long-term part of our life. Urban sprawl has brought residential neighborhoods close to the once isolated landfill, reducing the methane and H2S gas emission is becoming a challenge for today’s operators of our nation’s wastewater plants and landfills. Vent emissions from the landfill, whether it be nuance odor from H2s or greenhouse gas emissions (methane), IndustrialOdorControl.com can offer you a solution that fits your budget.

NC Business Registration Tax ID #: 601490986
DUNS #: 605437719
Independent Lab Test: IAPMO R&T Lab Report # 1090‐08001 Project#: 14625
Patent #: US 8,273,162 B2