Recirculating Molecular Odor Scrubber

The RMS Recirculating Molecular Air Scrubber family of products from Simple Solutions is intended to provide air scrubbing in circumstances where exterior ventilation is either not possible or unwanted. The three models handle from 100 - 800 CFM and are ideal for cannabis grow rooms, greenhouses, and processing rooms as well as evidence rooms, morgues, funeral homes, or anywhere that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are a problem.

All three models offer 2-stage filtration utilizing a Merv 7 pre-filter for the removal of mold spores and other particulate matter and then activated carbon for the removal of VOCs. Scroll down this page for a chart comparing the three models.

While these have been designed not to rely on external ventilation, it doesn't mean outside ventilation is not possible. External venting is also possible with these units.