Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who uses your filters?

A. Our customers include engineers, municipalities, sewer authorities, contractors, schools, restaurants, homeowners, boat manufacturers, and others.

Q. What type of company are you?
A. We are a limited liability company Founded in the State of New Jersey on September. 3 2003

Q. Are you a registered small business?
A. Yes, We are a registered small business in NJ, Our registration number is: 1036150

Q. Do you have a Department of Defense Central Contractor Registration Number (DUNS)?
A. Yes, Our DUNS Number is: 605437719

Q. Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
A. Yes, We are a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. We participate in the BBB online Reliability Program.


Accounting FAQ

Q. Do you give discounts to resellers?
A. Yes , Some of our best customers are resellers.

Q. Do you charge sales tax to resellers?
A. We only charge sales tax to resellers if they do not provide us with a signed certificate of authority form (resale certificate)

Q. Do you accept purchase orders?
A. Municipalities and government agencies can order with a purchase order.

Q. What are your payment terms when utilizing a P.O.?
A. Our standard payment terms for purchase orders is pre-pay or 30-days net.

Q. I work for a Government agency and getting an account application filled out will waste valuable time what else can I do?
A. All government agencies have automatic credit with our company. Our only requirement to ship you your product is a signed purchase order.

Q. I need a quote so I can get an approved purchase order
A. We will gladly send you a quote.

 Q. Do you ship outside of the United States?
A. Yes. We ship world-wide.


Industrial Vapor Phase Adsorber FAQ

 Q. I am interested in an industrial vapor phase adsorber, how do I know which adsorber my application requires?
A. All you need to know to select the proper adsorber is the CFM flow of your system.

Q. The CFM flow of the application I require an Industrial adsorber for is near the maximum recommended air flow of one of your adsorbers. Can I utilize the next larger size?
A. Yes, Choosing the size larger than the recommended unit will not cause any problems with the operation of the system.

Q. What is the warranty of the Industrial Vapor Phase Adsorber?
A. The industrial Vapor phase adsorber comes with a 1-Year limited Warranty.

Q. What is the purpose of the Magnehelic Pressure differential gauge?
A. The differential pressure gauge indicates the resistance of the air flowing through the carbon bed.  On startup, this is a good way to check for the required air flow rate by observing the pressure drop reading.  When recorded over time, the pressure drop history can indicate that problems have developed such as particulate or grease contamination.  Pressure drop DOES NOT indicate that the carbon is spent and has to be replaced - only testing can show that breakthrough has started and the carbon needs to be replaced.

Q. Do you offer onsite installation of the unit?
A. No, We currently do not offer installation services. We are however actively seeking installers in all states so that we may offer this service.

Q. Do you offer onsite set up/initial start up once the system is installed?
A. Yes, we do offer onsite start up/setup of the system once it is installed. We charge $650 per day plus travel expenses.

Q. We are a licensed Sewer contractor. Can we become an authorized installer of your systems in the states we do business in?
A. Fill out the account application and fax back to 973 697 8727. A representative will contact you to discuss becoming an authorized installer.

Q. Can your adsorption equipment be utilized for gases other than H2S?
A. Yes, Utilizing the correct filter media you can utilize our equipment for almost any air scrubbing need for air flows up to 700 CFM


Manhole Insert FAQ

Q. What is the warranty of the Manhole inserts?
A. All of our Manhole inserts and Inflow protectors carry a 1-Year Warranty.

Q. Why do you require a signed measurement sheet and order form for the manhole inserts?
A. Due to the large variety of manholes used each manhole skirt and inflow protector is cut to fit the measurements you send us.

Q. I have an odor coming from a manhole and I was wondering if the manhole inflow protector will stop the odor?
A. Utilizing a water inflow protector for odor control will stop the odor at the manhole you have installed the inflow protector in, however the gasses will be purged at the next available exit point of the sewer system. This is very often a building vent or another nearby manhole cover. In effect you have only pushed the problem downstream to another location.

Q. Do you manufacture the manhole inserts?
A. No, This is one of the few products that we do not manufacture.


Passive Low Flow Adsorber FAQ

Q. How many filters do I need?
A. To properly absorb all errant odors, you will need 1 Wolverine septic vent filter for each vent in your system.

Q. How do I know what size to order?
A. All of our passive and low flow filters fit standard pipe without any adaptors.If your home or business uses an old cast iron pipe or Copper pipe you will need a no hub adaptor.  You can visit our How to Measure Page for a “how to” on measuring your septic or sewer vent.

Q. Can the homeowner change or replenish the Carbon in the filter?
A. Yes The bottom Plug is removable for easy carbon bed change out.

Q. What is the life expectancy of the unit?
A. life expectancy of your Wolverine is dependent on how much Sewer gas is produced at the location of the filter. Generally they will last 2 to 5 years. The Wolverine by design holds between 1 to 2 pounds of Sulfursorb depending on filter size. This is up to 3 times the carbon of other septic vent filters. This is what enables us to have a warranty that is 30% longer than the competition!

Q. If I am not getting satisfactory life out of the carbon what are my options?
A. You have two options if you find you ordered a filter that is too small to handle your H2S load.

  1. You can buy extra carbon to keep on hand
  2. you can purchase a larger adsorber. We will send you a 20% rebate If you send us  your old filter.

Q. What type of odor concerns will the Wolverine septic vent filter solve?
A. The Wolverine septic vent filter will only solve odors that originate at a septic or sewer vent or any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The gasses that cause septic and sewer odor must pass through the filter in order for it to absorb the gasses.

Q. Does the Wolverine restrict septic vent airflow?
A. The Perforated disc at the inlet of the filter reduces the inlet size by 50%. This will not cause a problem with a passive vent system. If you are concerned and wish to keep the same inlet surface area you can utilize a larger size Wolverine and use a reducer at the inlet to attach the filter to your plumbing vent.

Q. Do Wolverine septic vent filters “freeze up” in extreme cold?
A. Vent pipes can occasionally clog up with frost if it is cold enough for long periods of time. This is called "hoarfrost". All Wolverine filters (except inline models) are designed with cross through ventilation to wick away the moisture that naturally occurs at a vent to help reduce the possibility of freezing in freezing temperatures. If you are in an area of extended below freezing temperatures you may want to consider choosing our Inline Wolverine. This style filter is mounted in the attic, away from the elements, and comes with an insulated blanket for added protection. NOTE: The Inline Wolverine requires removal of a section of vent pipe. For this reason we recommend that it be installed by a professional plumber.

Q. We have a lift station causing an odor problem, what do you recommend?
A. The MT-20 is good for vent airflows up to 20 cfm, our MT-30 is good for vent airflow up to 30cfm and our MT-50 is good for vent airflow up to 50 cfm. If the vents airflow is higher than 50cfm you would need a pollution control barrel.