Pollution Control Barrel - 50LB HDPE - Max 50 CFM

Pollution Control Barrel - 50LB HDPE - Max 50 CFM

Code: PCB-50

Price: $750.00

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The Mega Wolverine 50 lb HDPE Air Pollution Control Barrel is an economical, ready to use, self contained air purification unit that can treat air flows of up to 50 CFM. It is the perfect choice for wastewater storage/collection system tanks and high capacity lift station vents. Larger pollution control barrels are available for air flows up to 250CFM as special order. The PCB-50 comes standard with Sulfursorb Plus ( Darco H2S) activated carbon. Call for pricing on custom units.

A-Diameter, Outside: 17"
B-Height, Outside Wall: 22"
Inlet Fitting: E-3" Male pipe
Outlet Fitting: C-3" Male pipe
Drain Fitting: Optional
Carbon Weight, Lbs.: 50
Max. Recommended Flow Rate, CFM: 50
Maximum Pressure, psig: 10
Max. design Temp., Deg F: 140
Flow Direction: Upflow
  • Activated Carbon - Mega Wolverine Pollution Control Barrel vapor adsorbers Are available with a variety of Virgin Activated Carbons to suit your particular Job.
  • Removable Lid - with lock ring and poly-clad cellulose gasket.
  • Connections - 3 inch male pipe with Fernco couplings insure easy, durable and leak-proof hookup to your system. Unions or quick connect fittings are advised to make drum exchange easy. Drains let you remove any accumulated condensate.
  • Flow Distributors - The Mega Wolverine Pollution Control Barrel uses an air Plenum to insure even distribution of the air flow through the carbon.
  • Installation & Start Up - The Mega Wolverine Air Pollution Control Barrel requires no special procedure for start up. Just connect the inlet and outlet to the treatment system and start it up. Multiple units Can be connected in series with testing advised between the units to determine when the first unit needs to be changed out.
  • Maintenance - Once connected, the Mega Wolverine Air Pollution Control Barrel requires no maintenance other than the monitoring of the influent and effluent air streams and the operating pressure of the system. Monitoring the air stream into the last Air Pollution Control Barrel in series mode is a recommended safeguard against breakthrough in the final discharge. When the concentration of contaminants in the outflow equals the concentration in the inflow, the Mega Wolverine Air Pollution Control Barrel has reached its removal capacity and should be removed from the service. The working life of each adsorber is dependent upon the type of contaminant in the air as well as its concentration and the air flow rate. A pressure relief device is advised to prevent damage to the canister in the event of excessive pressure buildup.
  • Recharging the Mega Wolverine Air Pollution Control Barrel - Once the carbon has reached its pollutant removal capacity, the media should be removed and replaced.This is easily accomplished with a shop vac.
  • Disposal - Dispose of the spent carbon in accordance with Federal, State and Local regulations

Price: $750.00