Activated Carbon Refill for Odor Removal Filters

Activated Carbon Refill for Odor Removal Filters

Code: GC-Splus-25

Price: $18.00

Product Details

Simple Solutions offers replacement activated carbon for your Wolverine Brand Activated Carbon Filters, Vapor Phase Adsorbers and other odor removal needs. Our Activated Carbon can also be used as an alternative in other brand air filtration products. These can be purchased in multiples to fill your filter. To find out how many pounds your filter holds, please refer to the chart below.

If you are looking to purchase bulk carbon (40LB Bags+) please visit our Bulk Carbon by Type page.

Use the table below to select your filter in order to determine how many bags you need to choose and then enter the number of bags below.

Filter ModelNumber of Bags to Order
WLV-4,HD-3,HD-4,WVI-4, LRF-251 Bag
WVI-6, SWV4 Bags
MT-20, MNHL, MB-208 Bags
MT-3012 Bags
MB-40, PCB-5016 Bags
MT-5020 Bags