Microbial Septic Treatment Easy-Flush Live Bacteria Packets with Enzymes

Microbial Septic Treatment Easy-Flush Live Bacteria Packets with Enzymes

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Household waste generated from toilet waste, kitchen waste, and laundry and bathwater, flow from the household drains into your septic tank. Some of the old solid organic material flows to the top of the tank (the "scum layer.")

Inorganic material along with some organic material and byproducts of the bacteria digestion settle to the bottom of the tank (the “sludge layer.”) For a septic tank to function properly, it is necessary for bacteria to be present to break down and digest the organic solids. Normal household waste contains products that are harmful to the bacteria in septic tanks, this includes detergents, disinfectants, toilet cleaners, bleaches, acid, tub cleaners, drain openers, and cleaning compounds. These products can greatly reduce the bacteria population in your septic system. Regular additions of BS916 Plus will help to liquefy the organic solids and help to keep your system functioning smoothly.

Periodically it is imperative that the sludge layer be pumped by a professional septic hauler. The frequency depends on the size of the tank, use and condition of the system or any local or state regulations. If not pumped, the sludge layer will eventually overflow into the drain field. This will result in a clogged system that may require complete replacement, which can be expensive and inconvenient. Periodic additions of BS916 Plus will assist in maintaining the bacteria levels to ensure proper functioning of the septic system.

Food particles, grease, soap scum, and hair accumulate on the inner walls of household drain lines. This build up can result in slower running drains. Garbage disposals compound the problem as smaller food particles attach easily to the congealed grease in the lines. Bacteria attack these organic materials decomposing them by a natural enzymatic process. Without proper care, drains can become clogged, resulting in foul odors, messy clean up, and costly repairs. Regular use of BS916 Plus will help ensure free-flowing drains.