Wolverine Brand Activated Carbon Septic Vent Odor Filter(TM) - Heavy Duty

Wolverine Brand Activated Carbon Septic Vent Odor Filter(TM) - Heavy Duty

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Stop septic odor with our patented* heavy duty residential and commercial Wolverine Brand Septic Pipe Vent Carbon Filter (Patent # US 8,273,162). It is based on the original Wolverine. Made of schedule 40 PVC, it is as strong as it is functional. The HD residential Wolverine has a 2" fill port for easy carbon change outs and is also the only residential filter on the market that has an optional carbon bed saturation indicator to let you know when to replace the media before the odors return. The HD residential and commercial Wolverine uses the same catalytic carbon as our commercial models and offers up to 4.5 times the life of conventional activated carbons and a 30% longer life span than impregnated carbons. The new heavy duty Wolverine is a great choice for yard-based vents as the schedule 40 housing is many times stronger than our economical home-owners model, the WLV.

Receive a free 1-year supply of Bacterial Septic Additive with Enzymes when you order a Heavy Duty (HD) Vent Odor Filter.       (1 per order) 

Buy 6 or more units and save 10%. Discount taken at checkout.

Now Available Internationally

This product is now available for purchase in Europe through eBay.

Use the following links to purchase this filter if you live outside of the United States.

eBay: HD-3" | HD-4"


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