Low-Flow Residential Solutions

Odors generated by sewer and septic systems are a problem for many homeowners and municipalities.Simple Solutions manufactures a line of activated carbon filters for every budget. If you are having an odor problem from your sewer line, septic vent, or roof vent,IndustrialOdorControl.com has a solution for you.(Download product catalog)

The Wolverine Brand of Odor filters are available in various sizes and configurations from endline filters designed to go on the end of candy-cane filters , inline filters for installation in an attic or our most popular design, our patented “T” style filters for home vents, septic vents and lift stations. Our Patented “T” style filters act like a rain cap, and due to its patented cross flow design helps “wick away moisture eliminating frost hoaring in the winter and carbon caking in the summer. No other product on the market can say that about their filter design.

IndustrialOdorCOntrol.com offers homeowner filters in both an economical molded design the WLV-4 for under $45.00 or if you want a lower profile filter made of schedule 40 PVC able to take the abuse a filter may encounter in the yard our HD Wolverine is the perfect choice. So regardless of your budget or application you don't have to suffer with those terrible vent odors that are sure to ruin your BBQ.

So if your tired of that unwanted odor from your septic, sewer or plumbing vent try a Wolverine Brand Vent filter today!