20 LB Mega T Sewage Vent Odor Filter 75CFM Max

20 LB Mega T Sewage Vent Odor Filter 75CFM Max

Code: MT-20

Price: $849.00

Product Details

The patented 20LB Mega "T" (Patent # US 8,273,162), is a "T" style odor adsorber that comes standard with 20LBs (.8 Cubic feet) of Darco H2S carbon. The 20LB mega "T" utilizes our unique perferated disc carbon containment system with flow-through "moisture wicking" design for longer carbon bed life. This filter looks as good as it functions. the 20LB Mega "T" is available for 4", 6", and 8" vent pipes.

L=17” H=13.188, W=9.11
Standard Inlet= 8” ASTM D1785 PVC Pipe standard

Mega Wolverine Product Data/Cut Sheet

Application: Atmospheric Vents/Low Flow Vents.
Overall Length: 17"
Overall Height: 13.2"
Installed Height: 10"
Standard Inlet sizes: 8" Socket; ASTM D 2661
Optional couplings: 3" to 8" Van Stone Flange/3" to 6" Socket
Max CFM: 75CFM providing .64 seconds of contact time
Carbon Capacity: 20LBS/.8 cubic feet *
Carbon Type: Catalytic
H2S Breakthrough Capacity gH2S/cc carbon; .15 (Min) ASTM D 6646

* The low apparent density of catalytic carbons means fewer pounds must be purchased to fill the required volume. Since H2S removal Capacity is based on bed volume, this results in direct cost savings.


Optional Coupling Choices:
Price: $849.00