30 LB Mega T Sewage Vent Odor Filter 120CFM Max

30 LB Mega T Sewage Vent Odor Filter 120CFM Max

Code: MT-30

Price: $1,650.00

Product Details

The patented* 30LB Mega "T", is a T-style vent filter that comes standard with 30LBs (1.2 Cubic feet) of Darco H2S carbon. The 30LB Mega "T" utilizes our patented unique perforated disc carbon containment system with flow-through "moisture wicking" design for longer carbon bed life. This vent filter looks as good as it functions. The 30LB Mega "T" is available for 4", 6", 8,and 10" vents.

L=21.688” H=16.782”, W= 10.750”
Standard Inlet+ 10” ASTM D1785 PVC Pipe standard

Mega Wolverine Data/Cut Sheet

Application: Atmospheric Vents/Low Flow Vents.
Overall Length: 21.6"
Overall Height: 16.8"
Installed Height: 13"
Standard Inlet sizes: 10" Socket; ASTM D 2661
Optional couplings: 3" to 10" Van Stone Flange/3" to 8" Socket
Max recommended CFM: 120 CFM providing .6 seconds contact time
Carbon Capacity: 30LBS/1.2 cubic feet *
Carbon Type: CatalyticH2S
Breakthrough Capacity gH2S/cc carbon; .15 (Min) ASTM D 6646

Optional Coupling Choices:
Price: $1,650.00