New Home with Puraflow Septic System and Odor Complaint

Problem: After installation of a Puraflow septic system the customer complained of odors in his yard. The contractor installed residential vent odor filters on the tank vent on the roof vents. The residential odor filters improved but did not eliminate the problem. The contractor reviewed the problem with Simple Solutions and determined that the problem was due to the airflow from the tank vent exceeding the airflow normally seen in a typical installation. The home is built into the top of a hill and the holding tank is located at the bottom of the hill. The discharge pipe is approximately 75 feet long and drops approximately 15 feet.

The Puraflow modules are located on the side of the house above the holding tank. Whenever water was running into the tank either from one of the home appliances or when the discharge pumps turn off and the wastewater in the feed lines to the Puraflow modules drain back into the tank.

Solution: Simple Solutions recommended the contractor replace the vent filter on the discharge tank with a larger solar powered Super Wolverine vent filter. The Super Solar Wolverine can eliminate odorous airflows up to 10CFM and the solar fan actively vents the tank reducing the accumulation of sewer gas in the system.

Result: Odor problem was eliminated and the xustomer can once again enjoy his lake home without nuisance odors ruining his day.