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Industrial Odor Control Adds Major Feature to Its Filters

February 5, 2021

Industrial Odor Control has taken their best-selling filters and added a built-in end-of-service-life indicator. This colorimetric indicator changes colors when it senses breakthrough. Now instead of guessing or trying to calculate how long the carbon will last, the customer can learn the status of the carbon just by looking at the indicator. Read More...

Industrial Odor Control Replaces Disposable Filter with Eco-Friendly Refillable Model

December 11, 2020

Industrial Odor Control has replaced their long-used Disposable Wolverine Septic Vent Odor Filter (the “WLV”) with a more environmentally friendly, refillable filter. The new Wolverine Cub (the “WC”) is refillable by simply removing the rain cap and pouring in the new carbon. Read More....

Simple Solutions Distributing Releases Recirculating Molecular Air Scrubber, the RMS-800

January 30, 2020

Industrial Odor Control has launched their new RMS-800 recirculating molecular air scrubber. This 2-stage filter is self-contained and will require no external ventilation. It is suitable for a large array of odor control needs. This includes waste-water applications like sludge press rooms and screen rooms, but it can also be utilized to remove any odor associated with a volatile organic compound (VOC) in any enclosed room. This unit can be used in places like kennels, rendering plants, morgues, evidence rooms, hospitals, cannabis grow and processing rooms, and anywhere you are dealing with an odor problem associated with VOCs in an enclosed environment. Read More...