Which Filter to Buy

Picking the Right Passive Filter for the Job

For Residential Filters, have a look at the following video.

For Industrial and Commercial Filters

Selecting the correct adsorber for the job is simplified as we have developed a Coding system for typical applications of each product line. On each product page you will find the application code for that particular product. Please keep in mind that these codes are just typical applications and not the only applications for the product

Product typical application codes:

R- Residential plumbing vents and septic tank vents
G-Grease Traps
C-Commercial Buildings
L- Lift Stations/Sewer Line Vents
T- Storage Tanks and transfer tanks
M- Marine
S- Sludge Press Rooms/Confined space/Active ventilation

Product Line

Typical Application Code.

Wolverine Cub WC


Heavy Duty HD


Inline Wolverine


Super Wolverine


Linear Roof Filter Wolverine


Mega T’s


Mega Barrels and Pollution Control Barrels


Vapor Adsorbers


Selecting the proper adsorber by air flow and H2S capacity
There are 3 main criteria for picking the proper adsorber for your application

  1. Air flow 2. Gas Concentration 3. Desired Maintenance interval.

If you know your vents average air flow rate and H2S concentration in PPM then review, the data sheets of our products and select an adsorber that gives you a minimum of 2.5 seconds bed contact time based on the determined CFM (The amount of time the air stream is exposed to the carbon bed) and provides the desired maintenance interval. Simple Solutions recommends a filter that gives you approximately 1 year of carbon life before maintenance is required.