10 LB Marine Inline Odor Filter - 4" Connector

10 LB Marine Inline Odor Filter - 4" Connector

Code: GF-WVI-6B-4FL

Price: $999.00

Product Details

The Wolverine Marine Inline Odor Filter has been specifically designed to be used in the marine industry in yachts, cruise ships, and passenger ferries for the purpose of removing odor associated with H2S from sanitary system’s graywater and black-water vents. The filter housing is manufactured by GF Piping Systems. utilizing their SeaDrain® White System. This makes the Wolverine Marine Inline Odor Filter the only marine waste-water vent pipe filter on the market that utilizes housing materials that are type approved by ABS, DNV-GL, Lloyd’s Register, and RINA. It is also NSF certified and ASTM D635-18 (HB) compliant.

Filter Data Sheet | Carbon Data Sheet

The SeaDrain® White System is a solution with all the properties desirable for marine environments. It is manufactured in bright-white UV protected thermoplastic material making it ready for installation in customer-facing locations without the extra time, expense and maintenance of painting and upkeep. The Wolverine Marine Inline Odor Filter is refillable, reducing future maintenance costs and reducing plastic waste in landfills.

The Wolverine Marine Inline Odor Filter utilizes Norit Darco’s H2S Sulfursorb, an activated carbon specifically developed for removing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from air streams and eliminating “sewage odors.” It is produced by steam activation of a unique raw material to provide increased pore volume for adsorption of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan odors. The proprietary process used to activate Darco H2S creates an activated carbon with approximately twice the mesopore and macropore volume of traditional odor control carbons. As a result, diffusion of odor-causing impurities is rapid and more internal pore volume is available to even the largest molecules that need to be removed to eliminate odor. Darco H2S is very hydrophilic, allowing it to work well in environments with a wide range of relative humidity. Darco H2S has been proven effective in gas streams with relative humidity from 30% to 100% (saturated).

The combination of GF SeaDrain® White and Norit Darco’s H2S Sulfursorb activated carbon make the Wolverine Marine Inline Odor Filter the best solution for your vessel’s wastewater-related odor problems.

Price: $999.00