Activated Carbon Manhole Odor Filter Insert

Activated Carbon Manhole Odor Filter Insert

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Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) based sewer odors emanating from wastewater sewer line manhole covers are an extreme nuisance for residential homeowners or users of near-by public facilities or property. The negative publicity and hassle caused by persistent nuisance sewer odor complaints originating from manhole covers are costly in both time and money for cities or industries that own the odor-producing infrastructure.

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Our inflow protectors and manhole odor inserts are custom made to order based upon four required dimensions. As such, all sales are final.

Below you will find a diagram (also available on our downloadable Measurement Sheet) that shows you the numbers we need to receive from you to complete order. If you call us to order, a signed copy of the measurement sheet will be required to be sent to us either via fax (973-858-0219) or use our contact form.

Looking at the diagram below. You will notice that the first graphic represents the width and depth of the drop ring. IF you have a flat lid (nothing extending below the lid) and should write "Flat Lid" for the A and B measurement.

In the image below you will see the opening of the manhole. You will need the Outside Diameter (not the lid width) of the opening and the Inside Diameter of the opening. If you have a drop ring as indicated above, your A measurement can not be larger than your ID.

Please refer to the diagram below for help in selecting the correct lid type from the drop-down menu below.

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Price: $649.50